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Proven Ways to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours With Flying Colors

Below we will describe the guaranteed ways to pass a drug test even if you have only 24 hours. Check the following guides if you need to pass a urine, hair, or mouth swab drug test. How to Pass a Urine Drug Test Flushing – when you temporarily flush marijuana metabolites out of your bladder. […]

Top 3 Marijuana Detox Kits to Pass Your Test with Flying Colors

For those of you who can’t stop doing weed, but are hoping to get a speedy negative result on their urine drug tests, there’s good news. Today I’ll be talking about THC detox kits – products that flush marijuana metabolites out of the body effectively and in time. In case you don’t have enough time […]

How to Pass a Cocaine Drug Test

If you were in a rather festive mood over the weakened and tried cocaine (coke) with friends but are worried about the looming drug test, here’s a very useful guide about how to pass a cocaine drug test. But some important points first: If it was your first time, the recreational drug will not be […]

How to use baking soda to pass a drug test: Instructions

A lot of online debates and theories are circulating around the internet about the effectiveness of baking soda by meth users to pass a drug test. The reason why this question persists is that baking soda is famously known to keep drugs from the amphetamines group in the system. Consumption of baking soda may lead […]

Does Creatine Help You Pass a Drug Test?

If you have no idea what a process entails you’ll end up going about it the wrong way. This is a major cause of problems that could have been easily avoided. This, among many other reasons, is why in this article, we’ll analyze in detail why there’s creatine in drinks for drug tests, does it […]

Is Goldenseal Effective for Detoxing from a Drug Test?

You might have heard of goldenseal. It’s a plant found in eastern North America, and its leaves and roots are often used in traditional medicine to treat many different kinds of diseases, especially those containing infections or inflammation. But did you know that this popular herb can also be an effective solution for detoxing before […]

How Much Vinegar Should You Drink to Pass a Drug Test

We all know about vinegar (acetic acid) – the sour-tasting liquid made by stomping and squeezing apples, which is then fermented into alcohol using yeast and bacteria. Vinegar (apple cider) is a common remedy for reducing body fat, body fat mass, and serum triglycerides in obese individuals. Recently, a rumor has been doing rounds on […]

How Much Water to Dilute Urine For Drug Test and Pass

Do have an important interview coming up? Or maybe you’re an athlete and have a crucial match lined up. Whatever the case, you may require a drug test – usually a urine sample to detect the presence of any illicit drugs in your system. Afraid you’ll not pass? Let us help you out! Today we’ll […]

How to Pass a Drug Test With Certo and Gatorade. Step by Step Instructions

If you’re close to getting your desired job, but use weed and are requested to provide a drug test, there may be problems. Instead of having a panic attack browsing the internet anxiously, try using the Certo Drug Test detox, an advocated method to get clean within a week! Read on to find out how […]

The Ultimate Guide to Passing a Supervised Drug Test

If you’re on the internet right now looking up ways to pass a supervised drug test, you probably have a drug test soon. And you probably know by now that to pass a urine drug test, you need to lower the concentration of marijuana metabolites in your urine below 50ng/ml. Now, the only definite way […]